Role Of 1300 Pricing Companies In Managing Account And Call

When talking about managing business, one important thing is to get maximum flexibility. So that business runs smoothly.

Any 1300 pricing companies will make sure that you have a free access to all call records, paying account. They make sure that they have a well versed team that will support request of all your business requirements. Get more information on

Get access your call records and account details online:
Many companies now provide secure online account management system through which you can conveniently manage your 1300 number, with the below-listed features:

  • One can get access to all call records which include call volume by day and time of day, type of call, caller location and many more.
  • Request on log service support.
  • Get detailed transactions and state history.
  • Online account payment available.
  • Get copies of product Critical Information Summaries.
  • Update credit card and direct debit payment details.
  • Get call report and analysis.

Your account management dashboard includes Pre-configured graphs regarding all call data, is already included in individual’s management dashboard, this satisfies the needs of most entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, you can even download all you data of the call in spreadsheet pattern for further checking, this is when you like to reduce numbers or have someone who does in your business. Click on to get more knowledge.

Account payments:
Every 1300 pricing company allow you to pay account in one of two ways:
Either it is via direct debit, or online with the help of their Account Management System
In the latter case, you can easily update your payment details anytime anywhere in the online account management system or by communicating with their Business Consultants

Direct debits are generally done on 12th of each specific month. To make sure that the new payment details you updated are proper and effective, one will have to submit the updated details at least three business days before 12th of the specific month.