Things to Consider When Meeting A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Being prepared can improve your chances of hiring the right workers’ compensation lawyer. Here are a few tips that would help you make your meeting successful.

Gather the required information

Initial consultation is very important. You need to be ready with a summary of all that has happened so far. Things that you are expected to tell in this meeting are:

·         Time when you got hired

·         Time when you got injured

·         How it all occurred

·         At what time did you intimate your employer and who did you notify

·         When did you seek medical treatment?

·         Where did you seek medical assistance?

·         Summary of medical treatment till date.

Take all the necessary documents

Besides verbal explanation, you may be required to present all the above information in the form of documents to your Orange County Workers Compensation Lawyer. Some of the essential types of documents that you need are:

·         Reports related to injury or accident

·         Past medical records

·         Name and number of medical service providers

·         Witnesses who view your accident

·         Information on any earlier injuries that you had on the same body area

·         Correspondence from your insurer firm or employer or claim, and

·         Contact information pertaining to employers and their insurer

Prepare a set of Questions

·         Will you handle my legal case personally?

·         Are there any chances of forming a case?

·         Will you provide me status updates on a daily basis?

·         What are your charges?

·         How do you deal with litigation costs?


Preparedness will help you in effective explanation of your case that would save you and as well as your attorney’s time greatly.

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