Essential Traits that Makes you a Good Shaman


Shamanism is appreciated to be an age-old practice of spiritual connection with the physical world. They don’t have faith in a particular god; their belief is based on animism, that everything that exists in the earth is living and has a spirit.

The persistence of shamanism is in all over the world; this is the key to existence. Shamans are the link between the spirit world and the physical world. Their connection to the spirit world is to heal the soul.

Here are some of the traits that a good shaman needs to have –

Calling from above

  • One cannot just decide to become a shaman as there are signs that show they have a calling.
  • One has to look for signs to help them understand what is wanted out of them.

Duties to be performed

  • A shaman is involved in the welfare and safety of the entire world rather than a single person.
  • This concern extends to animals, plants and the whole environment. To heal the sufferings, shamans transverse into the spiritual world for assistance.

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